Teaching Innovation – Showing the Finish Line

East Anglia’s oldest and largest Accounting Firm, ENSORS, was host to the first year students at UCS studying for the BA (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management degree on 21st September 2015. The students responded very enthusiastically, and felt very fortunate to have this positive experience. New student Teodor Georgiev explained: “It is so good to understand the finish line, and the huge opportunities that a UCS Accounting degree can offer. Thank you ENSORS for this wonderful welcome to the world of the accounting profession.”

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Located in the heart of Ipswich, Ensors has an illustrious history of 125 years, and have recently produced a wonderful brochure about their growth and impact in Suffolk and East Anglia. Fiona Hotson-Moore, the partner and UCS Board Member who welcomed us explained:

“Ensors is committed to building closer links with UCS and Suffolk Business School. Ensors recruits a number of trainee accountants every year and we seek to raise our profile with a wider pool of prospective future trainees. ”

Among the hosts were Jeanette Brierley, a Manager in the firm and an honorary advisor to new students entering the accounting profession. She explained:

“Students need to start building their on-line presence through the use of LinkedIn and social media sites.”

James Spencer, a student accountant with Ensors, describes his experience training to become ACA qualified: “Training with a regional practice such as Ensors has offered me a broad range of experiences and opportunities and allowed me to develop a diverse range of skills. It has allowed me to get a broad picture of the work we do, at a relatively early stage.”

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UCS lecturers Joshua Obeng-Nyarko and Dr Atul Shah, who organised the trip, explained:

“We are very pleased with the cooperation of Ensors, and to see their enthusiasm for engaging with students and helping them along in their career. This was an excellent ice-breaking event for the students, and they already feel very motivated to start the degree and are keen to crack on with their studies. We believe UCS is the first University to do this in the UK for their accounting students. We are proud of our Learning Partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales who have been most supportive of our students and their professional development.”




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