Spanish Embassy and Suffolk Business School Collaboration

Last year, Suffolk Business School hosted an important visit from the Education Councillor and Education Advisor of the Spanish Embassy, where we discussed the prospect of future collaboration.

In 2013, the British Council published a report on ‘Languages for the Future‘, which ranked Spanish as the most important language to learn for future growth and development. Here at the Suffolk Business School, we are well aware of the importance of Spanish as a language of international cooperation and business, and offer our students across all disciplines the chance to study and immerse themselves in the language and culture. Gloria Picton, Lecturer in Languages, previously worked in international banking, and reiterates that “languages play a vital role when competing in the jobs market”.

Spanish embassy visit 2

The first collaboration with the Spanish Embassy and Suffolk Business School took place last week at St Joseph’s College. Gloria and Concha Julian (Education Advisor) gave a talk to fifty year 9 students about employability and languages. Mr Ball, the head of Modern Languages at the college said that he wants to open the students’ eyes in order to see how languages can be a skill for life. He felt that the presentation greatly supported this and encouraged the students see how languages can make them stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive environment. Mr Ball is looking to organise further collaboration in the summer through an employability and Spanish culture workshop for his students.


We are excited to develop these links further throughout the coming months, with the eventual aim of including international internships and sandwich courses to our portfolio. Concha Julian, the Education Advisor, has already looked over the new module ‘Languages and Culture in Business Context’ and she felt that it was both innovative and practical students personal and professional development. The Spanish Embassy is happy to support us with visits, talks and seminars. In fact, they are so enthusiastic that they have already arranged to come and have a talk in March!


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