UCS Student Trip to Valencia 2016

Students on Suffolk Business School Event and Tourism Management degrees have the option of going abroad with members of staff as part of the Foreign Language and Culture for Business modules. This year, Laura Locke, Sarah Harris, and Gloria Picton took twenty students to Valencia to experience international culture and business.


Laura discusses the opportunity for students:

For the past five years our programmes have offered an annual visit to Spain, visiting Seville, Madrid, Malaga, Granada, Torremolinos, Barcelona and Sitges, and latterly Valencia. This activity supports the work we do to extend the learning of the students, through practical experiential activities. All of our students study Spanish in the first year of the programme, and this year it was also offered to Business Management students for the first time. The second year option to continue studying foreign language and culture is also proving very popular.

The visit to Valencia provided the students with a wealth of experiences on which to reflect, to evaluate and analyse, and to consider how the theory they are learning in lectures can be aligned with practice. The opportunities to communicate in Spanish, and to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture are invaluable .



One of our students, Cristina Alexandrov, reflects on the trip:

Valencia for me was more than just a trip to Spain. It was an opportunity to meet new people, see new places, learn about other cultures, and improve my ability to learn new languages. I am glad that I had the opportunity because I learned so many things. I overcame my nervousness with networking, and I improved my communication skills. I made new friends and had lots of fun. I also had the chance to participate in an important event in Valencia, ‘La Mascleta’, and it helped me to apply what we had learned in classes to practice, and think about sustainability and the pollution created by such events.

The trip also made me realise the importance of learning new languages, especially when travelling. Not many people in Valencia speak English. The Spanish lectures really helped me improve my understanding and learning of this beautiful language and I was really proud of myself when I realised I could understand what they were talking and I could even respond them in a way that they understood.

All in all, I am extremely happy that I took this opportunity and I really hope that there will be more.


Please find more photos and videos of the trip of the Facebook page.


One thought on “UCS Student Trip to Valencia 2016

  1. Well done – there is no better way to learn business and culture than going on the field. I can imagine a lot of effort was put into organising this to give the students such an experience – well done to the organisers. From the feedback, the memories will last a lifetime, and that is really worth everything.


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