The Post-Referendum World: The View From Maastricht, Boston, and Suffolk (Part 2/3)

On Wednesday 6 July, Suffolk Business School and University Campus Suffolk welcomed our partners from Europe and the USA to our Ipswich Campus. Dr Stuart Dixon, Academic Coordinator Global MBA Programs at the Maastricht School of Management, and Mike Barretti, International Marketing at Suffolk University, Boston US, joined our very own Dr Tom Vine, Course Leader EMBA and MBA, to deliver an Executive MBA Mini-Masterclass on:  The Post-Referendum World: The View From Boston, Maastricht and Suffolk.

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From left to right: Mike Barretti (Boston), Dr Stuart Dixon (Maastricht), Dr Tom Vine (Suffolk), and Stuart Bannerman (Director of International, UCS).

In this, the second in a three part blog series, Mike Barretti discusses the reaction of ‘Brexit’ from point of view of Boston and the USA:

In the run up to the Referendum, it was a lead story on the big TV stations. When it actually happened, the markets reacted, as we know, and then a week later they basically seemed to return to normal. In that respect, American people stopped thinking about it. Obviously, businesses with heavy investments in the UK and Europe are concerned, but to most people there are other political issues that require attention.

You’ve seen in the news that our own Presidential race is picking up pace. In that, there are many similarities with the EU Referendum – the concern of control from a central place, racism, sovereignty, and control of borders and immigration. There’s a sense of ‘we want to run our own lives’, and not be dictated to by an unseen and unknowable power. In that, there is a level of empathy with the UK.

I think the fallout from ‘Brexit’ won’t be seen in the USA for some time. People who have retirement and savings accounts with companies that have investments in the UK might notice the difference… eventually.

For myself, I was surprised. I fully expected that the UK population would stay in the EU and see the benefits in that. But I can understand why the vote went the way it did. In America, we see jobs disappearing to illegal immigrants – but few people will acknowledge the fact that they are jobs that American’s don’t want to do themselves.

In the end, I believe you guys will work thins out. There is a special relationship between the UK and the USA, and that will continue. Our relationship might change, but I believe we will always support you.

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The Executive MBA is a new programme for the University of Suffolk in partnership with the Maastricht School of Management (MSM). This is a part-time flexible, modular course designed for professionals with 8 weeks of teaching across two years shared between Maastricht and Suffolk with an option for one placement in Boston (US). At the end of 24 months graduates receive their EMBA from the prestigious Maastricht School of Management.

The next EMBA Mini Masterclass will be discussing Leadership in an Uncertain World and will be held on 1 August 2016 6pm to 7:30pm at the Waterfront Building Boardroom, University of Suffolk. All are welcome, and to register interest please do not hesitate to email Laura Messer: or call on 01473 338616.


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