#SBSStudents: Learning in Context (and in the sun!)

Students from the Suffolk Business School at the University of Suffolk have recently returned from a cultural tourism field trip to southern Spain.

The students studying Event and Tourism Management and Business Management visited Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz.

Suffolk Business School students and staff in Seville. Photo (C) Suffolk Business School

Gintare Liutkeviciute, first year Event and Tourism student said “It has been an amazing trip, with the best people! I enjoyed every minute of it and it was great to use our Spanish language knowledge. I was impressed with the discipline and dedication of Spanish students at the Dance Concervatorio, it definitely taught me how important is to focus on my goals and to be committed no matter how hard it can get. Overall, this trip was absolutely amazing, can somebody turn back time por favor?”

Laura Locke, Course Leader for BA (Hons) Event and Tourism Management  who accompanied the students said “We visited museums and galleries, marvelled at the combination of Moslem, Jewish and Catholic heritage architecture displayed in the Mesquita in Cordoba, explored the Plaza de Espana in Seville where Game of Thrones and Star Wars was filmed and questioned the tour guide in Cadiz about the opportunities for developing destinations, thus extending the students’ learning from their year one and two modules.”

“There were many highlights of the tour; students were unanimous that the visit to the Conservatoire for Spanish dance in Seville was enlightening, inspiring, and inspirational.”

Accompanying Laura on the tour was Lecturer Gloria Picton. With a background in banking, Gloria teaches the Language and Culture for Business module so the students were able to put their Spanish to the test.

Fellow student Alioune Sylla said “I would recommend that every university should offer their students this opportunity. We really have been blessed to experience it. This trip offers students to get to know each other at different levels, to connect and also build friendships…we were able to practice what we have been studying in Spanish seminars for the past few weeks.”



Crowd Safety expert who was a consultation for President Trump’s inauguration named as Visiting Professor of University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor G. Keith Still, as Visiting Professor for Suffolk Business School.

Professor Still will share his expertise in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis. He is currently Professor of Crowd Science at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has lectured at the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College from 1999 – 2013 contributing to a wide range of crowd safety related courses.

Professor Still has consulted on some of the world’s largest, and most dangerous, events from the Royal Wedding to the annual pilgrimage to Mecca and most recently Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States of America.  Over the last 28 years he has developed a range of tools and methods to assess visualise and communicate the dynamics of crowd risks.


His tools have been used for the analysis of crowds in complex and built spaces for over two decades. Although he has developed and used some of the most sophisticated crowd modelling and simulation tools, his work remains true to the core principles of his original research, to develop standards for crowd safety.

As well as developing an MSc course in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University, he continues to teach short courses around the world.

Professor Still will be presenting his inaugural lecture ‘How big is that crowd? The importance of crowd safety and risk analysis in an era of change’ as part of the Open Lecture Series at University of Suffolk on Thursday 2 March at 5.30 pm.

In this lecture which forms part of the University’s Year of Celebration, he will share his wealth of experience and will demonstrate the principles and applications of crowd dynamics and crowd risk analysis. Having recently been at the centre of a global news story, providing expert analysis for the New York Times on the size of the crowds at Donald Trump’s inauguration, the lecture promises some fascinating insights.  The analysis had led to a huge debate between the office of the President, who claim the crowds were far larger than estimated, and the American media.

Professor Still said “We used seven live video feeds during the inauguration and a geometric analysis. We have developed a technique which can provide scientific estimates of crowd dynamics, which has important real-world applications in the preparation of large events for crowd safety.”

“On the basis that the crowd for President Obama’s inauguration was over one million people (physical counts vary for this), Trump’s was a third of the crowd size from the available, verified images. From a non-expert’s point of view, if you stand in front of a crowd it would change your perception and you would see a sea of people and possibly think the numbers are far greater. But the evidence is undeniable.”

Laura Locke Course Leader and Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Event and Tourism Management said “We are very proud that Professor Still has agreed to partner with the University and support the programmes offered, and we are so looking forward to his visit in March. We are keenly aware of the significance of the contribution he has made to research and application of crowd safety and risk management across the world. We look forward to welcoming attendees from a variety of organisations, public and private sector, as well as our students and staff at the University.”

For more information visit www.uos.ac.uk/events

UCS Student Trip to Valencia 2016

Students on Suffolk Business School Event and Tourism Management degrees have the option of going abroad with members of staff as part of the Foreign Language and Culture for Business modules. This year, Laura Locke, Sarah Harris, and Gloria Picton took twenty students to Valencia to experience international culture and business.


Laura discusses the opportunity for students:

For the past five years our programmes have offered an annual visit to Spain, visiting Seville, Madrid, Malaga, Granada, Torremolinos, Barcelona and Sitges, and latterly Valencia. This activity supports the work we do to extend the learning of the students, through practical experiential activities. All of our students study Spanish in the first year of the programme, and this year it was also offered to Business Management students for the first time. The second year option to continue studying foreign language and culture is also proving very popular.

The visit to Valencia provided the students with a wealth of experiences on which to reflect, to evaluate and analyse, and to consider how the theory they are learning in lectures can be aligned with practice. The opportunities to communicate in Spanish, and to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture are invaluable .



One of our students, Cristina Alexandrov, reflects on the trip:

Valencia for me was more than just a trip to Spain. It was an opportunity to meet new people, see new places, learn about other cultures, and improve my ability to learn new languages. I am glad that I had the opportunity because I learned so many things. I overcame my nervousness with networking, and I improved my communication skills. I made new friends and had lots of fun. I also had the chance to participate in an important event in Valencia, ‘La Mascleta’, and it helped me to apply what we had learned in classes to practice, and think about sustainability and the pollution created by such events.

The trip also made me realise the importance of learning new languages, especially when travelling. Not many people in Valencia speak English. The Spanish lectures really helped me improve my understanding and learning of this beautiful language and I was really proud of myself when I realised I could understand what they were talking and I could even respond them in a way that they understood.

All in all, I am extremely happy that I took this opportunity and I really hope that there will be more.


Please find more photos and videos of the trip of the Facebook page.