#SBSFest17: 3rd Annual Suffolk Business Festival is almost here!

Later this month, we will be welcoming students, professionals, and academics to the University of Suffolk for the 3rd Annual Suffolk Business Festival.

Suffolk Business Festival

Each year, we host a range of academic and professional development activities for students, and networking and keynote events for local and national business professionals. This year, we look forward to welcoming Professor Emma Bell, Professor Keith Still, Chief Inspector Matthew Rose, Minnie Moll, Michelle Pollard, among others, to the University of Suffolk #SBSFest17.

Please see below for the list of events, and links to the booking pages:

Monday 23 October

16:30-20:30 Business at the Movies: Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Tuesday 24 October

07:45-09:15 Ensors Business Breakfast: Supporting  Entrepreneurship in Female Students

11:30-13:00 Women in Management & Leadership Panel Discussion

Wednesday 25 October

18:30-21:30 Suffolk BME Business Awards 2017 

Thursday 26 October

14:00-16:00 Managing Risk with Keith Still & Matthew Rose

17:30-19:30 Keynote and Networking Evening: Stefan Stern, Director of the High Pay Centre – Can We Manage? A Short Talk About the Tasks Facing Leaders Today


Induction and the Start of a New Year

By David Collins, Suffolk Business School

It seems to come around more quickly each year…and it’s here again. It is of course ‘induction week’; that point in the calendar when as Head of the Business School I have the very great honour of welcoming new and continuing students to the University of Suffolk. My welcome to you is genuine and heartfelt. I am very pleased to see you. Education changes lives – it certainly changed mine – and I am delighted that you have chosen to join the Business School at a very exciting and highly dynamic point in our history. In future posts I will talk more about the exciting changes that we have under development at present. For the moment however I want to take a moment to remind you of two key points that I made in my welcome address. These key points relate a) to our mission as a business school and b) to one of the key ways in which we are working to make this vision a reality.

On our mission: This is to ensure that you are not employable…but are ‘career-ready’. So our mission as a Business School is – whether you are in the first year or the third year of your UG programme – to work with you in order to ensure that you are, (metaphorically-speaking) awake for and alive to what it will take to carve out that life-long and life-enhancing project which we call ‘a career’.

And how will we make this a reality?

Good question…we will do this in a variety of ways but for the moment I simply want to draw your attention to the 5 ‘big ideas’ which now shape our curricula. These are, namely:

  • Advocacy
  • Plurality
  • Accountability
  • Empowering
  • Application

You will find these terms in each of your module guides and in your Course Handbook and perhaps more importantly you will find additional text that explains how and why these ideas underpin your modules and your degree programmes. Please study these carefully: They underpin our teaching and learning strategy and they guide our assessment. And perhaps more importantly these Big Ideas signal what makes our programmes distinctive, they are consequently the narrative materials that you will draw upon when it is time to convince future employers that you have the knowledge, skills and the attitudes that deserve a career!

And… finally I was a little perturbed to learn, during induction, that no-one recognised my reference to the novelist, Kurt Vonnegut. In response to this I am, of course, tempted to say… ‘so it goes’. But I won’t (despite the fact that I just have) but will instead ask the dear Webmistress to conjure a web link… Click away dear friends… and in case you doubt the wisdom of the 5 Big Ideas you might like to reflect upon the fact that I have called upon each of these in the course of this blog!

You’re welcome!

MBA Student Consultants Return From Boston

Dr Tom Vine is Course Leader for the MBA programme at the University of Suffolk, and takes Student Consultants to Boston each year: 

This year, four MBA Student Consultants flew out to Boston to carry out work on behalf of an international manufacturing and processing company. With a turnover in excess of $50m, the company has yet to enter European markets. With this as their brief, our students put together a comprehensive market entry strategy for the organisation which included detailed branding, pricing and positioning recommendations, as well as specific advice as regards social media. They formally presented their findings at the Sawyer Business School to the two of the firm’s vice presidents, as well as the founder’s son. All were extremely impressed; so much so that the company has already entrusted them with some follow-up work, which will be fed into their final report.


Sawyer Business School’s Prof Mike Barretti commented:

The MBA Student Consultants were superb; serious, focused and professional. Te staff here at the Sawyer Business School all appreciated their very evident effort throughout the week and the preliminary results of the project showed it.

James Long, one of the student consultants had this to say:

The Boston consultancy trip was a fantastic group experience. The brief that the company supplied to the group prior to travelling was comprehensive and required the group to remain totally focused throughout. Lectures from Mike Barretti gave the group a great start to the week and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from Mike who is vastly experienced but also current in his subject matter, also a fantastic host. The week was structured superbly by Tom who made sure that the maximum was taken from the experience, his hard work behind the scenes was truly appreciated by the group.

In my view the residential trip is a must for any MBA student, It allows every aspect of the course to be used in context under testing circumstances and results in great satisfaction. For younger students the week would give a true reflection of the working environment and would be a good addition to any CV, for the more mature student it’s great to be out of the comfort zone to implement the knowledge gained through the MBA.

Lawrence Howes, another member of the group, said this:

The Boston consultancy trip was a great experience that allowed the academic teachings over the course of the MBA to be combined and used in a real life business situation.

The visit to the company incorporated with the lectures received from Prof Mike Barretti gave a rounded approach to the week, with the presentation to the company being well received on the final formal day.

The residential trip to Boston is a must for any MBA Student as it gives real credence that all the hours and hard work from the modules are relevant and can be applied to any business in the UK or further afield.

The planning put in at both the University of Suffolk in the UK and the Suffolk University in Boston, plus the tireless hours put in by Dr Tom Vine, prove to me that this is a relationship for the future and both universities will prosper from continuing the connection.